GoINPHARMA™ meets Dr. Daniele Carandini, Managing Director of the Italian Commercial Selling Solutions division, inVentiv Health Corp.

Today GoINPHARMA™ meets Dr. Daniele Carandini, Managing Director of the Italian Commercial Selling Solutions division belonging to the multinational US company inVentiv Health Corp.

Daniele Carandini, born in Bologna, holds a Master Degree from the Milan University in Life Science. Daniele began his career in Menarini as Sales Rep. Since then, he held different positions within the Pharmaceutiacal Industry with increasing responsibilities and in Oct. 2014 became managing director of the Italian Commercial Selling Solutions division belonging to the multinational company inVentiv Health, Inc. InVentiv Health is a 14000 employees company with headquarters in Burlington Massachusetts, supporting clients in 70 countries and organized in two major divisions: Contract Commercial Organization and Clinical Research Organization. The European HQ is since 2012 based in London.  InVentiv Health has a strong market share in US (leader in CSO and CCO markets) and is a major player in Asia and Europe.

GoINPHARMA™: Dr. Carandini, inVentiv Health is an important company at global level in the Healthcare sector and offers professional services in clinical and commercial sectors, what has been the journey so far and what is the current structure of the group?

Dr. D. Carandini
: inVentiv Health is a top-tier professional services organization that accelerates the clinical and commercial success of pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We have several business areas that work together to give to the clients complete solutions to their needs. In Italy we are based in Milan with a team of more than 100 people that is able to support our clients/partners on the Clinical and Commercial sides, with our Integrated Commercial and Consulting Services to the Life Sciences Industry.

GoINPHARMA™: Now I would like to talk about the Commercial Selling Solutions business unit and in particular the dynamics that in your opinion are now dictating the pace at global level and more specifically in Italy.

Dr. D. Carandini: After the end of blockbuster era, the Pharmaceuticals Companies went through a period of retrenchment, with downsizing of operations staff. Now, from one side all new drugs are submitted to a strong pricing pressure and from the other side the patient centricity become a new standard. inVentiv Health Selling Solutions is focused on enabling a new pharmaceutical sales model, with dynamic resourcing based on product life-cycle, and marketplace. To give you some example of our solutions based on the new situation, in Italy we are now running Patients Educational Programmes.

GoINPHARMA™: As far as we understand, the core activities of your unit are: Outsourcing of Sales Teams, MSLs, Clinical Nurse Educators and in parallel Marketing & PR activities for pharma companies. All these are rather crowded market sectors; what is the peculiarity of inVentiv Health´s proposition and how do you differentiate yourself from competition (new pharmaceutical sales model?)?

Dr. D. Carandini: Our proposal is more than pure outsourcing, we want to know the client specific business objectives, requirements, and needs, in order to offer an effective tailored solution. As you mentioned before, with the new Contract Commercial Organization (CCO) model we are able to move from a single project to a full partnership. Thanks to our commercial integration we are able to support Health Care Companies in all their sales & marketing activities, consulting, advertising and digital. Capabilities, flexibility and a tailored approach and measurable results are our way of working.

GoINPHARMA™: I would like now to talk about future activities and the plans of inVentiv Health in Europe with particular focus on Italy.

Dr. D. Carandini: We are committed to the European market, implementing existing consulting and communication teams, and building our selling solution team, capturing from the market the best talents for this purpose. We are now in Europe a preferred partner for big pharma companies, with projects active deploying Hospital reps, MSLs and teams of Nurses. We introduced for the first time in Italy the role of Nurse Educator, that are active on nurse to Nurse Educational Programmes and on Patients Educational Programmes. This is one of the areas that we want to implement; increasing patient education of a particular disease situation, life style, nutrition and adherence. Bringing positive results on patient health, health care system savings and reducing for example re-hospitalisation.

GoINPHARMA™: The next topic I would like to discuss with you is Staff Recruitment: how is your recruiting process structured and what are the characteristics of an MSL and of a Sales Manager in a complex environment such as the pharmaceutical industry?

Dr. D. Carandini: You touched one of the key points of our activity: Recruitment. In particular, for Selling Solutions Programmes, to deliver results, you have to choose and retain the right people. The first step of the recruiting process is to define with the client the profile of the candidate to find the best person for that specific company. General characteristics are important, soft skills are crucial to create the “perfect match” between candidate and company. You mentioned in your question MSLs. This role is in continuous evolution: to maintain a best alignment with the market, we support on a quarterly basis an European MSL Advisory Board, focused on the MSL journey. We are able in this way to advice our clients in the best way to define the right candidate profile.

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