GoINPHARMA™ meets Nadia Whittley, Managing Director for Europe at Tefen Management Consulting

Today GoINPHARMA™ meets Nadia Whittley, Managing Director for Europe at Tefen Management Consulting.

Nadia Whittley, Italian, started her professional career with Amersham International ( now GE Healthcare): with over 20 years of international experience in three continents as senior leader in major Life Sciences Companies such as Allergan, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Peptonic and Biotronik, Nadia has accumulated a wide knowledge of the Life Science Business. Since the beginning of 2015 she is Managing Director at Tefen Management Consultant, responsible for the European Market and also a Board Member.

GoINPHARMA™: Nadia, please tell us what is Tefen Management Consultant today and what has been the journey so far.

Nadia Whittley: Tefen in a boutique Management Consulting company, focused in Life Science and Healthcare with a presence in a selected number of other adjacent industries. We have a unique business model, based on competency based staffing and a pragmatic/hand-on approach to consulting. I have been client of Tefen for many years, and have always appreciated the insightful and direct support I have received in many projects. This was one of the reason that brought me to join the company. In the last two years I have had the opportunity to be part of very exciting projects in innovative areas which have made good use of my competencies and knowledge but also gave me the opportunity to learn a lot.

GoINPHARMA™: We understand Tefen advices clients active in several areas but today we would like to focus our discussion on the Life Sciences and Healthcare sector, a field where Tefen is active since the foundation in 1982. What are the most important dynamics that you think will dictate in the near future the development of the healthcare business environment?

Nadia Whittley: The market has evolved dramatically in the last few years. Healthcare Service providers have redefined the meaning of the value they seek from the industry; it’s not about “products only” any longer, but is about service models and value added performances. The industry needs to adapt fast if it wants to remain competitive by changing not only the offering but also the way the offering is delivered to the market. Tefen has developed an unique experience in supporting both the industry as well as healthcare service providers in facing this new paradigm leveraging the experience gained in both sectors

GoINPHARMA™: Nowadays hospitals are facing important challenges and the managers in charge have to find the right balance between patient services and cost of operations; how does Tefen help to structure processes to implement modern and cost effective services?

Nadia Whittley: The answer requires an holistic approach as dynamics are changing : healthcare service providers have been facing these challenges for quite long time; the root causes of long hospital stay, inefficient procurement, inadequate use of resources are not new, however as the environment is becoming more complex (new patients’ demographics, new therapeutic approaches/products, new clinical needs and new important stakeholders) the solutions must be innovative and holistic in order to be sustainable. Some approaches currently in use might bring temporary relief to some issues, however they are not producing long term results . Tefen has been supporting healthcare service providers (public and private) globally ensuring long-term sustainable results through innovative and cost effective solutions.

GoINPHARMA™: What are some of the most innovative examples of offering developed by Tefen to support these new market dynamics?

Nadia Whittley: In the last few years, we have been supporting our Pharma/Medical Devices clients in developing new Value Added Services models. In many cases, these are proper new business units focused at tailoring solutions to the clinical and non-clinical stakeholders serviced by the company. These solutions need to be constantly innovative, tailored to the industry/clinical and non-clinical needs … an interesting challenge that we have embraced with passion. The creation of new offering has often led companies in re- evaluating their channels to markets. Today, the traditional sales force is no longer servicing healthcare service providers’ needs: data show that thinking more strategically towards a multichannel approach is the only way to be efficient and effective. Tefen’s team has been supporting many companies through this evolution and has developed a unique point of view on the topic.

GoINPHARMA™: And now a glimpse into the future, what are the activities you planned for the near future and how do you think they will be beneficial for your clients?

Nadia Whittley: We will continue to work on leading edge solutions anticipating market’s trends like we have done with our Pricing , Multichannel , Institutional Marketing, Operational Excellence offerings, with passion and in partnership with our many clients around the world. Our Teams will maintain a high level of engagement with senior industry leaders through many channels including webinars, surveys and “meet the experts” events that run regularly in our strategic European hubs of London, Munich and Milan. These events are proving a great source of inspiration and networking amongst industry experts.

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About Tefen Management Consultant

Tefen is an international management consulting firm with its Global Headquarters in Tel Aviv. Founded in 1982 by Aaron Lichtenstein, current CEO of the Tefen Group, the company focuses in delivering strategic and operational solutions to clients. Tefen is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) under the symbol TEFN.