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What’s GoINPHARMA™ about?

GoINPHARMA™ provides worldwide, detailed and up-to- date information in English, French, German and Italian. GoINPHARMA™ is a fundamental support for professionals wishing to broaden their horizon in their without investing too much time doing so. This is what matters to us.

We believe that the possibility of accessing information from worldwide sources acknowledged for their reliability and accuracy, together with a convenient translations in 4 languages and an easy to read and yet professional format, makes GoINPHARMA™ a resource to increase competitiveness, in an increasingly global and rapidly changing world.

Who’s behind the publication?

GoINPHARMA™ is produced by a team of international professionals with extensive experience in Pharma, Chemistry, M&A, Finance and Corporate Accounting.

GoINPHARMA™ is headquarted in Dresden (Germany):

Gartenblick 21,
01454 Radeberg

Is GoINPHARMA™ free of charge?

GoINPHARMA™ is free because we believe everybody should have access to accurate and reliable information free of charge.

Who’s GoINPHARMA™’s audience?

Our audience is extremely large and ranges from consultants and finance managers to scientists and media professionals like journalists and editors. A detailed survey done in June 2017 has shown that the split is as follows: 69% pharma professionals (sales, scientists, marketing,..), 17% consultants, 7%HR, finance and legal, 7% media and industrial.

How often is the site updated?

We update GoINPHARMA™ daily including weekends and in all the 4 languages.

We issue a newsletter in 4 languages every Monday as the working week begins. Sign up for our newsletters here.

How to keep up with GoINPHARMA™’s coverage?

Visit our site, and visit often. You can also follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.