Alzheimer’s, vaccine targeting tau protein in humans gives fruitful results for the first time

An article published in the review The Lancet Neurology reports a study which demonstrates for the first time that tackling tau protein, one of the biomarkers involved in Alzheimer’s Disease development, produces a benefit in humans. It is well known that research in the field usually targets amyloid plaques, which has not produced any satisfactory clinical results. The authors of the study have developed a vaccine that stimulates the production of an antibody that specifically targets pathological and altered tau protein. The specific target of the antibody is located in a region of the protein undergoing alterations as compared to the “healthy” state. The region, obviously not present in healthy tau, is present in the early stages of development of the disease. In addition, the antibody is coupled to a carrier molecule that generates a considerable immune response. The researchers treated with the vaccine30 patients, 29 of which showed a favorable immune response without relevant side effects. Remarkably, the trial is currently in Phase I,yet it really opens a pathway towards a new treatment option.
(Source ScienceDaily)