AstraZeneca presents positive results in ovarian cancer treatment

British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca today announced results from the SOLO-2 clinical trial, demonstrating that its investigational therapy Lynparza reduced the risk of disease progression by 70% in patients with ovarian cancer, increasing life expectancy by a minimum of 19 months. The results were presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer, held in National Harbor, Maryland. AstraZeneca announced it plans to apply for a FRA approval for the use of Lynparza as a long-term therapy for patients with ovarian cancer. This would grant more business opportunities to the drug, being it currently approved only for short-term treatments. Lynparza yielded $218m in sales in 2016, yet these are likely to reach $1.3bn before 2023, analysts say.
(Source AstraZeneca)