AstraZeneca to expand durvalumab’s clinical trial

AstraZeneca today announced it will expand its Phase III MYSTIC clinical trial for immunotherapy durvalumab. MYSTIC trial was originally designed to assess the benefit of durvalumab monotherapy and durvalumab and tremelimumab combination therapy vs conventional chemotherapy, focused on PFS (Progression-Free Survival) endpoints. The British company will now expand the trial by including into it OS (overall survival) endpoints in patients with PDL1 tumors. Durvalumab is used for treating several types of cancers: gastric, pancreatic and blood cancers. The data from this relevant trial will be available as early as June 2017. AstraZeneca is largely focusing on durvalumab for the future—indeed, it is currently conducting more than 30 clinical trials to assess it in combination with other therapies. Experts expect durvalumab to generate $5bn in sales once on the market and to compete against an existing immunotherapy, that is Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo, which yielded $920m in sales only in the third quarter 2016.
(Source AstraZeneca)