Bayer reports serious problems in drug delivery to hospitals and pharmacies

The Bayer group has recently experienced many issues in providing drugs to the market. Bayer’s management just few days ago admitted problems in providing aspirin in solution–named Aspirin i.v.–to physicians and hospitals, since the French contractor was experiencing issues in preparing aspirin solutions for the Leverkusen-based group.
The issue is fairly serious in Germany, where Bayer is the sole provider of this drug, especially used in hospitals for patients in need for a fast antipyretic infusion and are not able to swallow. Additionally, Bayer last summer had problems to deliver its new ointment Bepanthen–yielding annual sales of €379m–and FDA last month detected issues in Bayer’s Leverkusen site manufacturing Levitra and Adalat. This could cost Bayer up to €300m.

(Source Rheinische Post)