Biogen announces positive Phase III results from Alzheimer’s therapy and shares immediately react

Biogen (Cambridge, Massachusetts) yesterday jointly announced with Japan-based partner Eisai, after trading had closed, positive preliminary results form its Phase III clinical trial assessing the investigational BAN2401 therapy, an anti-amyloid antibody, in 856 patients with Alzheimer’s. Specifically, the disease progression clearly slowed down after 18 months of treatment. The news pushed Biogen’s shares up by 18% on Friday morning, causing it to earn over $10bn in capitalization. The results give new support to the theory according to which amyloid plaques cause the condition. The theory started raising skepticism as clinical trials assessing Merck & Co’s, Eli Lilly’s and AstraZeneca’s investigational drugs had failed. The news, above all, give new hope to 44 million people all over the world affected by Alzheimer’s, a condition for which no available therapy can slow the progression down. Importantly, Biogen is testing another molecule targeting amyloid plaques, aducanumab, currently undergoing a Phase III clinical trial, whose results are expected for 2020.

(Source: Biogen)