Blockchain and AI technologies, new frontiers to diagnostics

Computational biologist Dexter Hadley and his team at the University of California (San Francisco) are trying to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to breast cancer diagnosis. The company is developing an algorithm based on the blockchain technology and will be able to interpret diagnostic data through prior scanning of millions of mammograms. Hadley is expected to test its algorithm before may, as it will be granted access to 3 to 5 million anonymized mammograms performed on American women over the last years. This will allow Hadley’s blockchain to reach an extremely high training level and to perform diagnoses very fast. At the same time, other groups are trying to apply AI to diagnostics and it is of vital importance to all of them to access databases with millions of data to be used for the algorithm. Not surprisingly, many companies that offer DNA sequencing services sell the collected (anonymized) data to AI companies.

(Source: Nature)