Celgene acquires Delinia for $775m and expects 18% growth in 2017

US-based biotech Celgene announced it has acquired Delinia, a company headquartered in New Jersey which develops therapies for immune system homeostasis. Celgene has invested $775m in the transaction. The amount will be divided into an initial $300 m payment and an additional $475m payment upon achievement of precise milestones. The acquisition expands Celgene’s immunology and inflammation portfolio: Delinia has an important investigational drug – DEL106, likely to prove effective in treating autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Almost simultaneously, Celgene announced its Q4 2016 results, together with the outlook for 2017. Sales in Q4 totaled $2.8bn, which represents a 16% growth over Q4 2015. As for performance in 2016 as a whole, revenue reached $11,18bn, that is +22% vs 2015. In addition, Celgene’s management stated it expects a 18% sales increase in 2017, up to $13.4bn. The leading products are likely to be Otezla (+57%) and Pomalyst (+22%).
(Source Celgene)