Swiss executives earn highest salaries in Europe

The Swiss economic daily Basler Zeitung has published a long article analyzing the salaries of Swiss corporations’ senior executives, comparing them to those of other European managers. Results show that Switzerland is the country paying managers the highest salaries.

CEOs of the top 100 European groups earned an average €5,7m in 2017, which means a 5% increase over 2016. Country-by-country figures revealed that Swiss companies’ CEOs earned approximately €7.76m in 2017, British companies’ CEOs earned €6.38m, which is slightly above the salary received by German top managers–€6.35m. Surprising data came from Scandinavian top managers, who earned as little as €2.64m.

The best paid manager in Switzerland is Roche CEO Severin Schwan, who received €12.88m in 2017, closely followed by AB INbev’s Carlos Brito and UBS’ Sergio Ermotti, respectively paid €12.82m and €12.52m. The average salary of Swiss managers has a fixed 33% component, while two thirds of it vary (bonuses and other incentives).

(Source: Basler Zeitung)