Chris Weber, Takeda CEO, interviewed on his managerial style and Takeda’s pipeline

Christophe Weber, 51, from France, Doctor of pharmacy from the University of Lyon, CEO of Japan-based group Takeda since 2015, has described his managerial style and the Japanese group’s portfolio in a short interview to the Financial Times. Weber likes adopting a cooperative approach with his colleagues, yet this does not imply he is looking for consensus at any cost– decisions made too late in the search for consensus are always wrong,he said.  The French manager has recently had to take momentous decisions on dismissals in the cardiovascular and respiratory businesses, and has taken them so as to minimize the impact on employees, by cooperating with other partners and creating spin-offs. Another important decision has been keeping the company focused on the depression business, which many other groups have abandoned. Takeda, instead, has developed a portfolio tailored to those cases for which conventional depression drugs are not effective. Weber is seeking to increase the support to those drugs covered by patents and available at affordable prices. These include Adcetris, a treatment for some types of lymphomas: Takeda has developed a pricing strategy to make the drug accessible to a large number of patients and sometimes has even donated it to some NGOs or other partners.  Christophe Weber started his career in Australia, where he worked for Rhône-Poulenc-Rorer Pharmaceuticals, then moved to GSK, for which he worked in Asia as SVP and in Switzerland as GM.

(Source: FT)