Clinical trial shows that Amgen’s Repatha reduces risk of cardiovascular events

Amgen announced the results from the Ebbinghaus clinical trial, designed in order to assess Repatha (evolocumab), a treatment controlling the LDL cholesterol level in the blood. The data show that Repatha significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular events. The market immediately reacted to the news, and the company’s shares rose over 3% (Wall Street). Repatha is part of a new class of drugs, called PCSK9 inhibitors, which have difficulty obtaining market share due to high prices. In the US – where Repatha was approved in 2015 – the treatment costs over $14,000 per year, an amount insurance companies tend not to refund, resorting to conventional statins. The new clinical findings are likely to encourage insurers to provide coverage, making Repatha a $4bn blockbuster, experts say.
(Source Amgen and WSJ)