Denali Therapeutics starts testing novel approach to fight Alzheimer’s

Denali’s shares yesterday rose almost 2% (Nasdaq) as the San Francisco-based company announced it has started a Phase I clinical trial aimed at testing its DNL747 therapy on patients with Alzheimer’s. Simultaneously, Denali has started a Phase I clinical trial assessing its LRRK2 inhibitor on patients with Parkinson’s. The studies are funded by Teva’s payment–approximately $150m as part of the agreement signed by the two companies on January 5th, 2018, aimed at developing new treatments for degenerative diseases. The therapies developed by Denali are based on the ATV (Antibody Transport Vehicle) technology, based on considering molecules’ size as the key factor for drugs to cross the blood-brain barrier and reach the brain.  Denali’s management has obtained further funding in addition to Takeda’s, for a total of $467m, taking the group’s capitalization to $1.93bn.

(Source: Denali)