FDA approves first mini-capsule for colorectal screening

FDA has approved the first mini-capsule for colorectal screening, aimed at detecting polyps and tumors. The device has been developed by Israel-based Check-Cap and is named C-Scan. Check-Cap has announced it plans to start a clinical trial in the US as soon as possible, since FDA has granted its approval upon condition that the company provides new clinical data demonstrating that the device is user-friendly and tolerable.

CRC has killed as many as 881,000 people in the world in 2018 and approximately 1.8 million new cases have been diagnosed, according to estimates. It has been ascertained that CRC begins as precancerous formations– i.e. polyps–in the colon or rectum, which can be present for up to 10 years before developing into cancer.

(Source: Check-Cap)