Henkel ranks first in Germany for gender equality in top management

Henkel has confirmed its leading position in terms of gender equality. The Düsseldorf-based company, indeed, is the only one in the German DAX having a woman heading the supervisory board (Aufsichtrats): the family owning the group on September 22nd 2009 offered the position to Simone Bagel-Trah, a 49-year-old manager with a Biology PhD.

Henkel has now increased the quota of female members in its top management by appointing Birgit Helten-Kindlein, 64, in the supervisory board. Helten-Kindlein was appointed on April 9th, but the news had not been disclosed up to now. German companies listed in the DAX have an average 31% of women in their supervisory boards, while Henkel has a solid 37%, consistent with the percentage of female employees in the whole company (34%). This, however, decreases to 23% if the three levels below the CEO are considered. Importantly, Henkel has never had any woman CEO since it was founded, in 1876.

(Source Rheinische Post)