Here is how much a Big Pharma company like Johnson & Johnson spends in lawyers

Johnson & Johnson reported legal costs for $817m in the last 12 months –a 480% increase year-on-year. This shocking increase is due to more than 100,000 patients suing the US pharma giant for side-effects associated to some drugs. This is the case of 18,500 men who said they grew female breasts (gynecomastia) after taking the antipsychotic medicine Risperdal. Reportedly, only a minority of the Risperdal cases has been settled, while the majority of litigations is still ongoing and could result in huge refunds. The most remarkable case occurred last year: a jury in Philadelphia awarded $70m to the family of a boy who developed gynecomastia at the age of five after taking the medicine. In 2015, instead, a jury in Alabama had awarded “only” $2.5m to an adult Alabama man who had developed large breasts after being treated with Risperdal. In addition to this, 17,000 patients have brought lawsuits against the company over Xarelto for uncontrollable bleeding, and 54,000 women are suing J&J for the damage caused by its vaginal mesh inserts. Finally, about 3,000 have brought lawsuits alleging the company’s baby powder, used in intimate hygiene, caused their ovarian cancer. J&J has stated in a communication to the stock exchange authorities that the legal proceedings will not have an impact on the company’s financial health but has warned they could affect its quarter results.
(Source: FT)