Incyte, Celgene and Vertex the best-paying companies–$ 215,000 per year (2017 average)

It is known that the pharma sector is the best-paying industry. This is especially the case of those companies with a very large staff  component employed in research. The top-paying one, among listed companies, is the biotech Incyte. Incyte has 1,208 employees developing and marketing new cancer drugs and in 2017 paid its average employee $253,000. Incyte has long been considered one of the most appealing acquisition targets, thanks to the extraordinary pipeline developed by its researchers. Celgene (7,487 employees) and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (2,300 employees) respectively pay $213,000 and $211,500 per year (2017). These are the results of a colossal study published by the Wall Street Journal and conducted by MyLogIQ, which has analyzed over 1,000 companies.

(Source: WSJ)