Ipsen focuses on oncology to keep growing

France-based group Ipsen is experiencing an extremely positive phase, confirming that the strategic decision to focus on oncology has been right. Oncology products account for 60% of the company’s revenues now, and the recent approval of Xermelo (neuroendocrine cancer) has given a further boost to Ipsen, whose shares have risen by over 66% from the beginning of the year. Ipsen’s managers presented at Madrid ESMO congress extremely positive results from a Phase III clinical trial conducted on 157 patients with kidney cancer, treated with cabometyx vs Sutent (Pfizer). Cabometyx is a pivotal product to Ipsen and is about to be approved in Europe, although it is already available in France as ATU (Temporary Authorization for Use). Ipsen and its partner Exelixis are also very actively cooperating with other drugmakers. For example, they entered into an agreement with Bristol-Myers Squib, in order to test Cabometyx on 1,000 patients, in combination with an immunotherapy (Opdivo and Yervoy). Additionally, they have signed an agreement with Switzerland-based Roche to conduct a clinical trial with Cabometyx and Tecentriq.(Source: Les Echos)