Johnson and Johnson suffers effects of dollar strengthening (Q4 2016)

The largest pharmaceutical group worldwide, US-based Johnson & Johnson, announced yesterday its Q4 2016 results, together with the outlook for 2017. Like its competitor Pfizer, JnJ warned investors that the strong dollar has taken its toll on the 2016 results and will have negative effects on the 2017 ones. The Q4 2016 results met projections, indeed EPS was $1.58, with a sales volume of $18.1bn, while analysts were expecting respectively $1.56 and $18.3bn. The 2017 forecasts were adjusted—EPS is now expected to be $6.93 to $7.08 and revenue $74.1bn to $74.8bn, while analysts were expecting respectively $7.12 and $75bn. J&J’s shares closed at -1.83% (Wall Street), while the Healthcare business was down by only 0.45%.
(Source JnJ)