Johnson & Johnson soon to acquire Auris Health ($2bn)

Johnson & Johnson (JnJ)–the world’s largest drugmaker in terms of revenues ($81.4bn), is reportedly attempting at a takeover of Auris Health, leader in the surgical robots business. The company, based in California, has been valued at $2bn by JnJ, Bloomberg reports.

Robotic surgery aids are a fairly attractive business to large healthcare/pharma multinationals, reflecting the good margins of the products. Additionally, considerable technology innovations emerged in the last few years have increased the opportunity to use robots in surgery.

Medtronic last month acquired Israel-based Mazor Robotics, specialized in
robotics-assisted products aid in spine and brain surgeries for $1.7bn. The same JnJ in 2015 founded the joint venture Verb Surgical with its partner Verily Life Sciences (Alphabet). Verb Surgical develops solutions to assist surgeons in delicate surgeries.

Additionally, JnJ last October acquired Japan-based cosmetic producer Ci:z Holdings and Germany-based Emerging Implant Technologies–manufacturing spinal cord implants–a month earlier.

(Source: Bloomberg)