Lanxess convinces investors

Since when Matthias Zachert was appointed as Lanxess CEO in 2014, the Leverkusen-based group has recovered from a severe crisis and has achieved a leading position in the market, with the company’s share value having doubled over 2016. The successful moves by CEO Zachert surely include the JV created with Saudi Aramco to produce and market synthetic rubber. By creating the JV, Lanxess has managed to reduce its dependence on the complex market of synthetic rubber and provided new cash—€1.2bn—to the group. Another successful deal was the acquisition of US-based Chemtura for €2.4bn, which has restructured Lanxess’ portfolio. Lanxess currently has a market value of approximately €6.1bn, a 2% net profitability and a P/E ratio of 21.4.
(Source Handelsblatt)