Large pharma groups increasingly move away from Animal Health business

Large pharmaceutical groups have clearly lost interest in drugs for animals and analysts familiar with the business were not surprised as Eli Lilly–similarly to other drugmakers–announced it is looking for a strategic solution for its  Elanco (Animal Health) business.  Pfizer already carved out Zoetis, its animal drugs business, in 2013, and listed it. Its shares have steadily increased since then, doubling their value over only 4 years, which is likely to encourage Eli Lilly to make the same move for Elanco. Novartis in 2014 sold to Eli Lilly its Animal Health business for $5.4bn, which resulted in the closing down of St. Aubin (France) plant, which 80 job cuts.

Elanco employs over 6,500 people, as many as 800 of whom in Greenfieds site, and delivered $740m revenues in Q3 2017. (Source: Neue Zürcher Zeitung)