L’Oréal proposes revolutionary technology against baldness

French group L’Oréal has announced it intends to develop human follicles ready for implantation. Developing living functional follicles is a very delicate challenge because follicles are systems comprising almost 15 different types of cells arranged into at least 5 layers. At present, treatments for baldness are based either on hormone creams aimed at slowing hair loss or on hair transplant. L’Oréal, instead, in partnership with start-up Poietis, has developed a technology aimed at bioprinting delicate human tissues such as the follicle tissue. The bioprinter positions cells on layers with 10-micron precision, providing the first example of biological bioprinting in the world. Poietis printers use a pulsed laser for precise positioning, which is the key factor to obtain living systems. L’Oréal has already tested human tissue engineering through a partnership with the US brand Organovo, with positive results as regards skin growth.
(Source Le Monde)