Loxo Oncology’s cancer drug approved

Stamford, Connecticut-based Loxo Oncology has informed that FDA has approved Vitrakvi (larotrectinib), the first TRK inhibitor for the treatment of solid cancer types with genetic mutations in receptors. Vitrakvi is the first cancer treatment with a nearly agnostic approach to cancer treatment: indeed, Loxo’s intends to treat cancers no matter which organ they affect, but just based on the genetic mutations. The approval reflects the positive results from a clinical trial showing that Vitrakvi acts on as many as 24 cancer types (classified according to the targeted organ). Bayer itself, being a shareholder in Loxo, has benefited from the news.

Vitrakvi has potential to become a blockbuster worth $1.7bn pa, Citigroup’s analysts say.

(Source: Loxo Oncology)