Medigene proposes alternative approach to CAR-T technology

The German economic-financial daily Handelsblatt yesterday published a long article about Munich-based biotech Medigene, which some days ago announced it has started a Phase I/II clinical trial. 92 patients with acute myeloid leukemia will be enrolled in the study and treated with a new CAR-T therapy developed by the company (MDG1011). The company has as little as 72 employees (2014) and was founded in 1994. Medigene–like Novartis and Gilead–focuses on personalized medicine–that is tailoring treatments to treat diseases, a new, relevant business. Specifically, Medigene has developed a technology to treat TCR lymphocytes, utilizing the know-how developed by Trianta Therapies, acquired in 2014. Thanks to TCR technology, lymphocytes individuate the antigens developed by cancer cells. Medigene has recently entered into a relevant cooperation agreement with US-based Bluebird Bio, with potential to fetch the Bavaria-based company several billions of dollars. Under the agreement, Medigene will license the TCR technology to the US-based group. Medigene’s shares have risen over 16% from the beginning of the year  and 27% over the last 12 months.

(Source: Handelsblatt)