Merck & Co. keeps growing, Keytruda sells more than Opdivo for the first time

Merck and Co. outdistances Bristol-Myers Squibb, indeed blockbuster Keytruda ($1.667bn) has delivered higher revenues than Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo ($1.627bn) for the first time, thanks to a positive series of clinical trials, which have made it possible for the product to be approved for new cancer types. The US-based group, led by Kenneth Franzier, yesterday announced its Q2 2018 results, which have exceeded analysts’ expectations. Sales volume reached $10.5bn and net income was $1.707bn. The second most important drug after immunotherapy Keytruda is still Januvia, whose sales were up 2%. Its third-ranking product is Gardasil, whose sales increased by 30%. Kenneth Franzier has stated at the press conference with investors that he doesn’t plan to establish a spin-off of the Animal Health division, unlike competitor Eli Lilly.

(Source: Merck & Co.)