Money, money, money! Allergan, Pfizer, Amgen show that pharma sector still has the best numbers–EBITDA >40%

Three of the largest pharmaceutical groups in the world–Pfizer, Amgen and Allergan–have announced their FY2018 financial results over the last two days. It is clear that the pharma sector is still one of the industries ensuring the best financial return to shareholders and an excellent outlook. The average EBITDA of the three groups is 44.5%–an undreamed-of level in most sectors. Their total sales volume was over $93bn in 2018, their share repurchase program was worth $38.3bn and their total net profit was $33.9bn. What probably impresses the most is that the three companies have  $33.9bn in immediately available financial resources, which can kick off a new M&A season, especially for Amgen.