Multiple sclerosis and vitamin D: new data supporting the link

The review Neurology has published the results from an extensive study confirming that Vitamin D deficiency can be a risk factor for the onset of multiple sclerosis. The researchers analyzed a sample of healthy individuals, measuring their vitamin D levels and the way these can impact the risk of multiple sclerosis. The team used data from the Finnish Maternity Cohort, which comprises over 800,000 women. Women with deficient vitamin D levels had a 43% increased risk for MS, compared with women with adequate vitamin D levels. Compared with women with insufficient levels, those who were deficient had a 27% increased MS risk. Despite these significant findings, the study shows some limits: firstly, it was not possible to adjust other risk factors for the disease – including smoke, BMI, Epstein-Barr virus infection – and the sample mainly included Caucasian individuals. (Source: Medscape)