New FDA approval for AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi

FDA has approved the cancer drug Imfinzi for the treatment of stage III lung cancer on patients who have already been treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The approval reflects the positive data from the Pacific clinical trial.
Analysts believe that sales of the drug will peak to $2.8bn in 2022, but some experts think it could be much more. In addition to lung cancer Imfinzi has already been approved as a treatment of advanced-stage bladder cancer and AstraZeneca is testing Imfinzi in several other cancers, including head, liver and pancreatic cancer. If effective, sales might peak at as much as $6bn a year.
The company led by Pascal Soriot lost GBP10bn in capitalization in just a day last July, as it failed the pivotal Phase-III Mystic clinical trial, assessing Imfinzi (durvalumab) in patients with lung cancer.
(Source: AstraZeneca)