New method for early cancer diagnosis through biomarkers

Scientists Mark Kalinich and Daniel A. Haber from the General Hospital Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School of Boston, have published a long article on the latest issue of the prestigious magazine Science, checking the state of the art of biomarkers research for early cancer diagnosis. Cancer is currently diagnosed through invasive technologies or through its main symptoms. Some cancer types can be detected through blood-based screening, yet this technique often proves to be not accurate enough to perform an early diagnosis. The two scientists have proposed a solution called CancerSEEK. CancerSEEK is an algorithm developed to analyze the data related to fragments of cell-free DNA in the blood, which may be derived from tumor cells. Specifically, the data are related to 16 cancer genes and 8 cancer-associated serum proteins. CancerSEEK was tested on 1,005 patients with different stage cancer, with a 99% test specificity. Outstandingly, liver cancer can be diagnosed even at an early stage through CancerSEEK.
(Source: Science)