New model to quantify deaths due to heatwaves in greenhouse warming scenario at a global scale

A study published on PLOS Medicine by a group of scientists led by Yuming Guo, from Monash University of Melbourne, has proposed a model to estimate the rise in mortality over the next years because of heatwaves, which more and more frequently hit the whole globe because of greenhouse gases. The study clearly demonstrates that heatwave–related mortality will dramatically increase in the future, if the issue is not addressed. The death tool increase in the 2031-2080 period, as compared to the 1971-2020 period, will be sharp in some countries and fairly moderate in others – for example, it will be 200% in Colombia and 150% in Moldova. The countries where the death rate will not vary will be Japan, Italy and Spain.  According to the authors, the model can help plan strategies aimed at anticipating and mitigating the effects of heatwaves on populations.

(Source: PLOS Medicine)