Novo focuses on new obesity therapy Semaglutide

Novo Nordisk reiterated last week, during a presentation to investors and analysts, the importance of its new investigational obesity therapy semaglutide for its future. Novo recently completed a Phase II clinical trial with semaglutide vs Saxenda vs Placebo, enrolling 1,000 patients with severe obesity (BMI 39). The data showed that patients treated with semaglutide (0.4g/d) lost an average 17.8 kg after one year of treatment, corresponding to a 10% average loss. Instead, patients who took placebo, but frequently took physical exercise, lost 2.2% of their weight, while those taking Saxenda lost 5 to 10%. Novo Nordisk is now pursuing a Phase III clinical trial, with a high weekly dose of Semaglutide (1.4-1.6) and is seeking to commercialize the therapy before the end of 2018. Semaglutide will generate as much as $2.2bn in sales volume within the next 5 years, Novo’s analysts say. (Source: Novo Nordisk Conference Call)