Novo Nordisk F. creates $165m fund for startups researching for new antibiotics

Denmark-based Novo Nordisk Foundation yesterday announced it has created Repair Impact Fund, aimed at investing in startups focused on developing new therapies targeting drug-resistant infections. The new fund is armed with a $165m capital and is planning to invest $20m to $40m in European and American startups, or $1 to $15m for each one, over the next 3 years. The research for new antibiotics to fight drug-resistant infections is among the priorities of the World Health Organization, which has estimated that they kill approximately 700,000 people in the world per year. Repair Impact is part of Novo Holdings, which manages a $60bn investment portfolio of Novo Nordisk Foundation’s, whose main asset is the same Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical group.

(Source Novo Nordisk)