Pascal Soriot voices disappointment over his pay package

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot 4 years ago achieved to convince the company’s shareholders and the British government to decline Pfizer’s  acquisition bid, worth $118bn. At that time, Soriot ensured financial return and job protection levels that Pfizer wasn’t able to reach, he said. In a long interview to the British daily The Times, Soriot yesterday supported that decision, observing that the group now enjoys an excellent strategic position, with a strong pipeline in relevant businesses, such as oncology. The French manager also expressed his disappointment over his pay package, objecting that he is the least paid among large groups’ CEOs. The same GSK head Emma Walmsley–he added–is paid far less than she would deserve. Importantly, Pascal Soriot in 2017 earned GBP9.4m–which is far below the total salary he received in 2016 (GBP14.3m)–and most of AstraZeneca’s shareholders opposed a bonus proposed in May for the CEO.