Pfizer’s guidance for 2017 not meeting expectations

US-based multinational Pfizer published today, before Wall Street opened, its guidance for 2017 and, simultaneously, its Q4 2016 results. The group headed by Ian Read expects to generate $52-$54bn in sales in 2017, a guidance slightly lower than the figures expected by analysts – that is $54.4bn. Pfizer yielded $13.6bn in revenue in Q4 2016 (meeting expectations) and $0.47 in EPS (vs an expected $0.5). The Innovative Health segment, which markets the most innovative products, reported sales of $7.73bn (+1% vs Q4 2015), thanks to good performances by Viagra, Lyrica and Ibrance. Sales in the Essential Health segment, instead, dropped by 8%, to $5.9bn. The Consumer Health segment keeps growing and reported +2% ($950m), basically thanks to Advil, Chapstick and Centrum. Pfizer’s shares lost 0.3% in pre-market trading soon after the announcement.
(Source Pfizer)