M&A in Pharma: three potential acquisition targets in 2017

With the new year, analysts are speculating which companies are most likely to be acquired. An article by The Motley Fool focuses on three biotech companies. Firstly, Clovis Oncology is one of these because the oncology space is undergoing major changes and the company has a treatment—Rubraca—which has already obtained accelerated approval by FDA. The opportunities for the product are significant, being sales estimates as high as $1bn. Moreover, Clovis owns global rights for Rubraca, which makes the company very appealing to potential acquirers. Secondly, The Motley Fool refers to Intercept, operating in another fairly hot area, that is NASH, and explains why it could be a target. To date, Intercept has no approved treatment for NASH, yet it is about to conclude advanced-stage trials for a product addressing the disease—obeticholic acid (OCA). In addition, OCA has already received the approval to treat PBC (primary biliary cholangitis), and is already generating profits. Lastly, Jazz Pharmaceuticals already has an approved cancer treatment on the market—Erwinase. However, Jazz’s most interesting products are Xyrem, for the treatment of narcolepsy, and, according to estimates, investigational Vyxeos, targeting leukemia.
(Source The Motley fool)