Positive first IPO results from Sweden’s Immunovia

Time for weighing things up for Sweden-based Immunovia, which had its Nasdaq debut exactly a month ago. Its shares have risen over 10% since then, and the group’s capitalization has risen from €214m to €247m. Immunovia AB was created in 2007 by a group of scientists from the Immunology Department of Lund University and CREATE Health (Center for Translational Cancer Research Lund) and currently has 40 employees. It focuses on the development of diagnosis methods for conditions such as pancreatic cancer and autoimmune diseases through blood testing. Immunovia has developed a technology platform, called IMMray. It is a kit of tests using antibodies, which allows early cancer diagnosis and can increase probability of survival for patients by 8 to 50%.  Immunovia has recently announced that  Clínica Universidad de Navarra (Spain) has accepted to take part in PanFAM-1, a three-year trial aimed at the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 1,000 individuals at risk due to pancreas cancer cases in their families (FPC).

(Source: Immunovia)