Positive quarter from Johnson and Johnson thanks to pharmaceutical division

Johnson & Johnson has announced today to analysts and investors its Q3 2018 results. The results are fairly positive, with a sales volume increase by 3.6% ($20.3bn), a net profit increase of 4.5% and a 6.1% EPS increase. The good performance is mainly due to JnJ’s prescription drugs harm, rising 6.7%. Rather positively, cancer drugs Zytiga (prostate disorders), Darzalex (for leukemia) and Imbruvica have increased by 36% together. The Consumer Health division has reported a positive trend, mainly thanks to painkiller Tylenol and antiallergic Zyrtec. The only negative is probably that the Medical Devices division has reported a 0.2% sales decline. Positively, the fiscal reform introduced by the Trump administration has resulted in considerably lower fiscal pressure on large US-based drugmaking groups. Healthcare analysts were looking forward to JnJ’s results, which are a good index of this quarter’s results to be expected from all of them. JnJ’s shares declined 1.5% as trading opened in America.

(Source: JnJ)