Recent progress in immunology

The scientific journal Science published in its latest issue a long article about the biotech Lycera, established by the researcher Gary Glick and focusing on the development of treatments for autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis and Crohn’s disease. Additionally, the article describes the latest finds in immunology, specifically the activities aimed at discovering immune cells’ metabolism and the mechanisms that can alter it.  Metabolic pathways seem to play a key role in the development of T cells–among others–which alter due to ATP deficiency, causing self-induced inflammation processes.  The article also reports the case of multiple sclerosis induced into laboratory mice by altering the metabolic pathway of their immune cells, which resulted in the immune system to attack nerves’ myelin sheath. Lycera is exploring the possibility of modifying Humira (adalimumab), which can modify cell metabolism (ATP modulator) and cure ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. The company also has an interesting investigational cancer drug in its pipeline, co-developed with multinational Celgene and targeting the immune system.

(Source: Science)