Record figures for startup Oxford Nanopore

UK-based Oxford Nanopore has announced today it has obtained GBP100m funding by Asian investors including GIC (Singapore), China Construction Bank and HotPlus. The new funds have contributed to increase the value of the company headquartered in Oxford Science Park to GBP1.5bn., which takes to GBP451m the total fundings obtained by Oxford Nanopore since it was established (2005). Oxford Nanopore develops and markets DNA sequencers which generated revenues of GBP23m last year and GBP75m this year. However, Nanopore has generated a sales volume which is still a marginal part of the DNA sequencers business, estimated to be worth approximately $3bn now, with a 15-20% CAGR. Oxford Nanopore’s top product is PromethION, a sequencer that can “read” the whole human genome in 48 hours and for as little as $625–largely improving the results achieved by competitors.

(Source: Nanopore Tech)