Roche’s growth in the German market

The German market is one of the most important for multinational Roche, indeed the company’s revenue increased by 7% to €2.7bn in 2016, mainly thanks to cancer drug Avastin. 2017 is likely to be even more positive, following the launch of three new drugs, respectively for multiple sclerosis, lung cancer and prostate cancer, Flagen Pfundner, head of Roche Germany, said. However, two of these will be launched in Europe only in the second half of 2017, hence the impact on financial performances could be not highly significant. 2017 will be important for Roche Germany also in that it will open its advanced laboratory co-built with subsidiary Foundation Medicine. Roche acquired a majority stake in the US-based company (Cambridge – MS) in January 2015, then provided $150m in funds for new cancer treatment research. Almost simultaneously, Roche announced it planned to build an advanced laboratory for DNA sequencing in cancer tissues in partnership with Foundation Medicine, in order to develop personalized therapies for cancer patients. Pfundner said in an interview to Frankfurt Allgemeiner Zeitigung he is highly confident about the growth potential of the business, although he still prefers not to estimate its market size. The laboratory is nearing completion and is expected to be operational in the second half of the year.
(Source FAZ)