Sanofi confident about blockbuster Dupixent ($6bn)

Sanofi is very confident about Dupixent, a therapy targeting severe skin conditions. Once approved by FDA, the drug is likely to deliver sales of up to $6bn, because it appears to be efficacious for many pathologies: asthma, nasal polyps and food allergies. During clinical trials, around two-thirds of patients taking Dupixent reported relevant benefits, while signs of eczema totally disappeared in nearly 40% of them. Dupixent was discovered and developed by Regeneron, Sanofi’s partner. As part of the agreement, the profits obtained will be equally shared between the groups. Dupixent is likely to offset the effects of Lantus losing patent protection (2015): sales for Lantus are expected to decrease from $6bn (2015) to $2.9bn before 2020, many analysts say. Indeed, they compare Dupixent to drugs such as AbbVie’s Humira and J&J’s Remicade, which initially had been approved for arthritis, but then have been used for a wider range of diseases, generating a combined $23bn in sales.
(Source: FT)