Sanofi confident about Praluent marketed again in the US

Sanofi’s CEO Olivier Brandicourt stated at the JPMorgan conference in San Francisco that he feels confident Sanofi will be able to overturn the verdict by the US court, according to which Sanofi’s Praluent infringes a patent of Amgen’s for its product Repatha. By withdrawing Praluent from the US market, the judge has allowed a drugmaker to have a monopoly on the PCSK9 inhibitors market, worth $6bn,which is detrimental to patients, Brandicourt added. The ruling, issued last week, has given Sanofi 45 days to withdraw the product. Sanofi is largely focusing on Praluent to compensate the revenue loss due to the decrease in sales of blockbuster Lantus, which generated $6bn in 2015 and is now facing competition from Eli Lilly’s diabetes product. Analysts at Bernstein had expected Praluent revenues to reach $2.3bn by 2025.
(Source FT)