Sanofi seeks to restore leadership in diabetes treatments

Sanofi is trying to restore its leading position in diabetes treatments, like at the time when its insulin Lantus was among blockbusters. The France-based group is now largely focusing on sotagliflozin, which acts as a SGLT-1 and SGLT-2 inhibitor and influences how the intestines and kidneys process blood sugar. Sotagliflozin is intended for use as an addition to insulin therapy in patients with type 1 diabetes. According to consultancy EvaluatePharma, sotagliflozin has potential to become a blockbuster with $1.16bn annual sales (2022). The new therapy has been co-developed with US-based biotech Lexicon, which in 2015 received $300m from Sanofi in order to develop the new treatment. Lexicon is entitled to receive an additional $1.4bn in royalties once the product is marketed.  Sanofi has announced this week that EMA has accepted to assess an approval of sotagliflozin for Europe, reflecting its good results in three Phase III clinical trials.

Sanofi’s shares have declined almost 25% from the beginning of 2018 (Paris) and the company’s capitalization is now €81.4bn.

(Source: Sanofi)