Sanofi signs new research agreement for inflammatory/autoimmune disorders

After announcing it acquired Protein Sciences on July 12, Sanofi informed yesterday about a new cooperation agreement which caused shares to further rise (Wall Street) by 2.7%. The agreement was concluded with Belgium-based Ablynx, a biotech company focused on special antibodies referred to as “nanobodies”. They are one tenth the size of normal antibodies, which makes them easier to manage and modify. The agreement includes the development of novel therapies based on nanobodies, in order to treat inflammatory and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid polyarthritis, psoriasis and Crohn’s disease. Additionally, Protein Sciences will receive an upfront payment of €23m, plus potential additional payments and royalties if the developed products are launched on the market, up to a maximum of €2.4bn. Antinflammatory and autoimmunology treatments are the most promising business to Sanofi: the company, indeed, already has two products, co-developed with Regeneron, undergoing clinical trials – these are Kevrare and Dupixent, with potential to generate an aggregate revenue of €4bn, analysts say.
(Source: Les Echos)