Sedentary lifestyle and poor diet increase colon and rectal cancer rates among millennials

The American Cancer Society reported the results of a study demonstrating that colon and rectal cancer incidence rates are increasing among young adults. According to scientists, this is due to poor diet and excessively sedentary lifestyle. This type of cancer has been steadily decreasing in older adults for years, thanks to the introduction of periodic screening. However, Millennials – people born after 1990 – reportedly show a 400% increase as compared to young people of earlier generations. The data supporting such statistics originate from a large-scale study, which has analyzed results collected between 1974 and 2013. Importantly, incidence rates are still far lower in young people as compared to older people, however such an escalating trend suggests a likely explosion of colon and rectal cancer cases in the next years. This is at present the third-deadliest cancer and ranks second among the most frequent causes of death for men – while breast cancer is highly frequent in women.
(Source American Cancer Society)