Siemens Healthineers debuts

Healthineers has started its first trading day (Frankfurt) at €28 per share, consistently with the statements by Siemens’ top management, predicting that the company would be worth between €26 and €31 per share. €28 per share corresponds to an overall value of €32bn, which however is below the €35bn that many investors expected. The free float has been set to 13%, plus a 2 per cent “greenshoe” option, that is a total 150 million shares that have fetched Siemens approximately €4.2bn. Healthineers’ share price has been affected by uncertainty over Atellica, an integrated system including clinical chemistry analyzers that will provide a “game-changer” to the business. However, investors are do not consider it reliable yet. Experts believe that Healthineers has potential–suffice it to say that a split from Siemens could allow savings up to €240m, further increasing profitability , which is already 16% above the parent company’s level. Siemens’ shares have neared €30 in the afternoon.

(Source Börsen-Zeitung)