Thursday, 19 July 2018 - 18:14
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Joerg Reinhardt, Novartis chairman, addresses Alcon, Roche and M&A plans

Swiss Economic-financial biweekly Finanz und Wirtschafts today published a long interview to Novartis chairman Joerg Reinhardt, who said that the Basel-based group will keep focusing small-scale acquisitions. Reinhardt, however, said he wouldn’t mind approving a major >CHF10bn acquisition, provided that…

Novartis exploring divestiture of Alcon

Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez announced the plan to separate the Alcon business by creating a spin-off, yet he did not exclude directly selling the producer of contact lenses and surgical instruments for ophthalmology. Novartis acquired all the shares in Alcon…

Novartis increasingly likely to sell Alcon

The Chairman of Switzerland-based Novartis, Jörg Reinhardt, has stated in an interview to Sonntagszeitung he is not ruling out selling the subsidiary Alcon, producing contact lenses and other opthalmic products. Alcon, acquired for a record $51bn, has had a flat…