Thursday, 19 July 2018 - 18:09
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Amazon buys online pharmacy for $1bn in widely expected move

Amazon has surprised the market by announcing its forthcoming acquisition of online pharmacy PillPack for $1bn. It was a widely expected move, so no wonder that the company’s shares have risen by 2.5% on the stock exchange. By buying PillPack,…

After Amazon, Apple plans grand entrance into healthcare

Apple has announced it will inaugurate AC Wellness Network, a network of clinics for employees and their relatives. The opening is expected this spring. The announcement is viewed by many analysts as the first step of an increasing commitment in…

Amazon negotiates with generics giants Mylan and Sandoz

Rumors on Amazon’s possible debut in the pharma industry are increasing. CNBC has reported that Amazon is negotiating with generics giants Mylan and Sandoz. Mylan’s shares have risen over 3% as the news have started circulating. (Source: CNBC)

Monthly review: October

October has brought interesting news in the pharmaceutical industry. Among the most significant news published in GoINPHARMA, the growing rumors on Amazon about to debut in healthcare surely rank first. The US-based distribution giant is likely to start launching drugs…

New details on Amazon’s possible debut in pharma

Rumors on Amazon soon entering the healthcare market, and specifically the prescription-drug market, are swirling. Bloomberg reported in the morning that the US-based distribution giant is likely to start selling drugs as early as 2019. CNBC, instead, reported that Amazon…

Swirling rumors on Amazon entering the healthcare market

According to a report by CNBC, Amazon is about to engage in the US pharmaceutical business, a market worth over $560bn. No details are available at the moment, however it is fairly certain that Amazon already created a team called…